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Specifications This splint has been designed to treat Boutonnière deformity which is an injury to the tendons in the fingers that usually prevents the finger from fully straightening.
Important Advise And Warnings This product can be used only with a doctor's suggestion. This product is not heat resistant. It will lose its characteristics at high temperature. Therefore do not it use above 120 °C. If you want to make changes for an easy use, please refer to your doctor or to the sales point where you purchased this product. This product cannot be used without its own utility and cannot be combined with other products. This product is not advised to use longer than 4 hours continuously each time unless advised by the doctor in other way. If you are allergic to Latex and Gummy, please check the ingredients of the product. If the product material contains either of those, you are advised to wear cotton underwear to absorb moisture. This product cannot be used without doctor's reference in pregnancy. MEDİFORM is entitled to modify materials, designs and workmanship without consent of its customers.
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