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Our company died in 1968; is a company that provides the highest quality and fastest service in its field of activity, health and safety field, anatomical sabos and orthopedic products. Our company serving in three main sectors; With its wide range of products including health and safety plans, anatomic sabos and orthopedic products, it is the first and only organization to serve these three sectors.

Since the establishment of the company, cooperation with its customers has taken care to establish long-term relationships based on trust. Our company was designed as soon as possible and in the most economical way, was the basic service concept of our company. It carries out the firsts in the health and security sector, which is active in the technology, models and latest innovations that follow the developments abroad and abroad.


One of the basic principles of our company is to provide quality products to its customers. The production plan developed for this is followed by the quality department at every stage of production. Quality assurance system with low-cost, high-quality products to deliver to customers on time and quality race in the country as well as abroad in the front row is one of the main goals of our company.

Orthopedic items Turkey's leading brand in the production of "Mediform" We meet the needs of our customers with the most modern and high quality manner.

Continuously developing and expanding product quality, Mediform has started to produce for medical materials and orthopedic support products and has become a well-known and appreciated brand in a very short time thanks to its modeling and R & D studies. In addition, knee pads, elbows, corsets and many other orthopedic products are highly appreciated by their customers and take their place in Mediform's product groups.

The sales of the products we produce are carried out by approximately 400 dealers all over the country. Our company with all the models to meet the needs and needs of customers in the most optimal way to meet the effort.